Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today is the Day for Rudy's Surgery...

Hello All! I just received word from Rudy's sister, Mimi ,who is keeping me posted so that I can relay the message to all of you. His sister is in recovery and Rudy did not go into surgery at 1030AM as scheduled in the previous post. He went into surgery at about 12noon today and will hopefully be out by around 4pm today. Mimi will call me once he is out of surgery and in recovery. Once that happens, I will give you all an address and room# for any of you that would like to send him something. I will also let you know what the visiting hours will be over the next few days.

Rudy and his family thank you all for your support!

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  1. hey Rudy and family, we are thinking of you all and prayering for a speedy recovery. Can't wait to "spoon" :)